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“At De Kombuys Estate we strive to create a symbiosis between man and nature.
We believe that by adding value to nature from man, nature adds value to man.”

Sustainable, healthy, organic produce. Pesticide, herbicide, hormone and GMO free. All available at the Deli.

Wine tastings, Wine Sales, Wagyu and all farm produce is served and available for purchase from The Deli at the Marbled Wagyu Restaurant. The heart of our establishment, everything and everyone ends up here. Enjoy in house at De Kombuys or send us a request, we ship worldwide.

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A basket with De Kombuys Wine, Wagyu Beef and Seasonal Produce. Delivered to your doorstep or available at The Marbled Wagyu. Please enquire as contents vary depending on season. Requests and alterations welcome.

From our sustainable vineyard comes De Kombuys Estate wines. We pride ourselves that we maintain a pesticide and herbicide free vineyard to produce grapes that gives way to formidable wines. We grow Shiraz, Chardonnay and White and Red Muscadel, all available for sale from The Marbled Wagyu Restaurant and Deli.

The finest quality beef available in the world today. Wagyu steak, Wagyu wors (sausage), Wagyu biltong, Wagyu mince and personalised Wagyu cuts available on request.